Developing the work environment helps employees thrive

An inspiring work environment expresses the company’s character

All development drives in the work environment should express the company’s culture and values. The work environment also needs to be re-designed when the ways of working change significantly. An example of such a change is an office move or a transition to a multisite workplace. We asked for hints and tips from Ville Inkeri, an expert in the development of the work environment.

Personnel engagement increases commitment

During a development project, the focus should be on how work is performed by the personnel and what different tasks does the work involve. The larger the change in the work environment, the more time should be reserved for personnel engagement. Some proven methods in development projects are interviews with key persons, workshops and surveys that involve the entire personnel, and all well in advance of the move. A well-managed change in the work environment benefits all parties and increases commitment to the future.

During a change, we usually ask the organisation to think about what kind of work environment would enable the flexibility of work. We engage people by surveying their hopes and needs. When designing the premises, we reserve dedicated areas for each task and function, explains Ville Inkeri.

The design of the premises reflects the corporate culture

A built environment should be used efficiently also from a sustainability point of view. When premises are designated and designed appropriately, they are bound to be used efficiently. Corporate strategy is also considered in the design of the premises, guiding the placement of functions and furniture in different areas.

If one of the key values of a company is collaboration, the premises design needs to enhance that. By contrast, if the key goal is confidentiality or innovation, the design of the premises should reflect that, says Ville Inkeri, describing the trends in work environment design.

At best, the work environment makes it possible for an employee to concentrate on their work and reach a flow state, but it also supports community spirit. When the design of new premises is rooted in your corporate culture, the design choices will automatically have a solid foundation, concludes Inkeri.

Multisite work is reflected in the design of the new part of the Life Science Center

Multisite work is a new trend that requires versatility in premises. The new part of the Life Science Center will contain natural meeting points one would expect in an office building, such as lobbies, common rooms, coffee lounges and restaurants. Workshops are easy to set up in conference premises designed for the purpose. Premises that allow employees to withdraw into solitude are useful for tasks that require concentration or for taking a breather during demanding tasks that require a lot of thought. During the planning and design phase of the new building, the companies have the chance to ensure that their office environment remains an attractive option for digital and multisite work.

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