Life Science Center LSC is a place where a better tomorrow is being created for the whole world

We are Finland’s foremost life science and technology business community, located in Keilaniemi, Espoo. In March 2023, we will open a new expansion right next to our current premises.

Life Science Center LSC offers modern office premises for 34 world-class companies and their 1,200 employees. We want to offer the best possible conditions for every single person working in our building, whatever their position or job description. We want to be a part of Keilaniemi, which is developing into an increasingly urban and dynamic area. Nature and the calm it brings will nevertheless always be a key element of LSC’s unique identity. Being able to hear the sea all the way to your desk also promotes wellbeing at work. We are currently planning an 8,000-square-metre ultramodern expansion, which will rise right next to our current building in March 2023. Upon its completion, our premises will house a total of 1,700 top experts in some 40 life science and technology companies. We help create a better future for the whole world.

Who owns and operates LSC?

LSC is owned by Niam, one of the biggest private property owners in the Nordic countries, founded in 1998. Through its funds, Niam owns and manages various properties both in the Nordic countries and elsewhere, with a total value of more than EUR 3.5 billion.

LSC is operated by Newsec, Finland’s leading property expert, which manages the leasing, maintenance, interior design and adaptability of all our premises professionally, quickly and flexibly. Newsec is also responsible for LSC’s security arrangements and training.

Both Niam and Newsec are committed to the sustainable business principles defined by the United Nations (UN). Please read more in the Responsibility section on our website.




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