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The most significant technology business hub in Finland is located in Keilaniemi, Espoo. The new, ultramodern extension was completed in March 2023.
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The Life Science Center offers a modern working environment for top-level international experts. In March 2023 we entered a new era with the completion of our 8,000-square-metre extension. The end result is a modern, healthy and safe working environment that supports business success and employees well-being. We are able to offer you premises that can be remodeled according to your needs. 

Keilaniemi is a developing urban environment that combines diverse services, nature, the sea and recreational opportunities. More and more leading or growing companies have chosen Keilaniemi as their location.

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8 reasons to choose LSC

We have expanded

7-story extension was completed in March 2023. A new safe working environment supports the success of tenants and the well-being of their staff.

We care about people’s well-being and safety

We want to provide a working environment where people stay motivated and work is productive. A comfortable working environment is a competitive advantage that attracts the best professionals. Details on workspaces, lighting, indoor air quality, furniture materials as well as temperature and a wide range of services alleviate the daily lives of both companies and employees.

A community of top professionals

As Finland’s leading technology business hub, we provide a home for numerous biotechnology and technology companies. We are a diverse community of companies of various sizes, ensuring that all businesses and individuals within our premises feel completely welcome and at home.

A center of high technology, innovation and business by the sea

There are a large number of listed companies and interesting startups in Keilaniemi. More and more leading or growth companies in their field have chosen Keilaniemi as their location. The Otaniemi-Keilaniemi area is also known of Aalto University science and research community. 

Life Science Center is Finland’s most significant hub of technology companies operating in the heart of Keilaniemi. The area is developing into an increasingly dynamic and urban area that combines nature, sea, services and recreational opportunities.

We provide everything our tenants need

Our functional working environment provides services that enable efficient and productive work. In addition to first-class restaurant, catering and reception services as well as meeting and entertainment facilities, we also offer indoor bicycle parking, a car wash, occupational health care centre, dentist, hair salon, massage, laundry, gym and plenty of shower rooms. We want to offer everything that our tenants may need.

We care about the environment

Our corporate responsibility approach is based on the sustainable business principles defined by the United Nations.We track energy and water consumption, monitor emissions, use LED lighting, recycle and sort, and encourage people to maximise their physical activity and use public transport. LSC holds a BREEAM environmental certificate, and we continue to further improve the sustainability of our operations through our Niam Green initiative. Our goal is to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.

We listen to our customers’ wishes

All of our facilities, current and future, are effortlessly adaptable to the wishes of our tenants. Spaces change as business situations change. We offer functional facilities for different situations and needs e.g. meetings, gatherings and private web meetings.

We are easy to reach

You can easily reach us by metro, bicycle, bus, taxi, or car. Ring 1 is just a stone’s throw away. Public transportation connections to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport are excellent. The front entrance of the expansion section is conveniently accessible by light rail line 15.

A new era

Our ultramodern expansion was completed in March 2023 right next to our current building. Currently dozens of world-class life science and technology companies operate in our premises.

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User-centric extension ensures user comfort

High-quality user experience is at the core of Life Science Center’s new extension. The goal has been to resolve key aspects that improve user comfort in advance and before commissioning the building. The new office building with excellent interior conditions and acoustics will open on March 2023.