We aim to be a full-service house

We provide everything our tenants need

Whether your company is large, small or huge, we want to be a full-service house for you. A relaxed, cosy and attractive place where even the longest working week does not seem endless and where everyone is welcome as they are.

In addition to first-class restaurant, catering and reception services as well as modern meeting and entertainment facilities, we also offer indoor bicycle parking, a car wash, occupational health care centre, dentist, hair salon, massage, laundry, gym and plenty of shower rooms.

We seek to provide all our services in the most responsible, ecological and energy-efficient way possible. That is why we encourage everyone to cycle to work, use the stairs and otherwise maximise their physical activity, as well to as use public transport. We aim to become an even more central part of Keilaniemi, which is developing into an increasingly dynamic and urban area.

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Additional information, meeting room bookings and catering:

+358 44 744 8168

We are always a pleasure to visit

LSC’s reception services and access control are managed by Securitas Oy. Our main entrance is at Keilaranta 14 C.

A1-building (Expansion): +358 40 186 3152

C-building: +358 40 631 6375

E-building: +358 40 643 1754


With your own or a friend’s ride to the destination

The guest car park is located right next to our main entrance at Keilaranta 14 C. Please note that unfortunately there is limited space available for guests and that parking control monitors the parking area.

The property has a parking garage for tenants. Bicycle parks can also be found when riding down the ramp to the hall. From the sheltered hall, you can conveniently move between all of the buildings. In the garage you can also find room for bicycle washing and a carwash service.

Security firm Securitas

LSC’s security surveillance, arrangements and training are provided by security firm Securitas.

Alarm centre 24h: +358 20 491 2600

A wide range of equipment

Life Science Center’s gym is located near our main entrance at Keilaranta 14 C. We offer our tenants first-class equipment, free weights and attractive sauna facilities.

Recovery Studio

Welcome to top cold treatment! The Recovery Studio, located next to the gym, is free to use whenever it is free. When using the Studio, just turn “occupied” sign on the door. When finished, turn back “vacant” sign.

The studio has a special sofa intended for self-service use for relaxation, equipment designed for local top cold therapy, and aids for muscle care. Instructions for use are included with the easy-to-use cryotherapy equipment. Watch the video for a more detailed introduction and instructions for using Life Science Center’s Recovery Studio. 

Our Service Partners

From March 8, The Madeleine Restraurants Oy, which is a joint venture between Share Company and Loisto Catering, became responsible for the Life Science Center’s restaurant and catering services. The Plate restaurant opened on March 8 and the café-restaurant The Bowl was opened on 24th of April.

At The Plate, lunch is served as plate portions, in addition to which there is a generous green table and vegetarian portions. Lunch is served on weekdays from 10:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Morning porridge is available from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 9:30. a.m.

At The Bowl, the focus is on noodle and pasta portions served in bowls, as well as salads according to the customer’s order. The café has high-quality espresso machines and bakery products to choose from. You can conveniently have take-away portions with you. Part of the selection is available for purchase as self-service 24/7. The Bowl is open from 08:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The lunch is served from 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Oral Keilaniemi

LSC’s wide range of dental services are provided professionally by Oral Keilaniemi. We offer fast and easy access to dental care.

Book an appointment:
+358 10 400 3400

Haagan Hieronta

Trained masseurs Mirkka Huhtamäki (classic massage, sports massage and shiatsu) and Viktoria Manila (classic massage, sports massage and masticatory muscles massage) provide services at the Life Science Center gym every Tuesday. The services of osteopath Jarmo Siponen and physiotherapist Terhi Karttunen are also available on request.

Contact details: 
+358 45 220 9888

Life Science Center Carwash

LSC’s carwash services are provided by LSC Autopesu, which offers a full range of services from exterior and interior cleaning to changing tyres.

Opening hours: Mon–Fri from 8 am

Contact details: Keilaranta 16 B

Make a booking: +358 400 797 345

EWS Helsinki

LSC’s quick and nimble laundry services are provided by EWS Helsinki, offering a wide range of laundry services for all kinds of clothing.

Laundry services for individuals can be ordered with the washapp.fi application whenever needed.

Laundry service orders for companies via e-mail ews@ewshelsinki.fi.

Pick-up point in the main lobby

Contact details:
+358 10 420 6080

Reliable medical services without queues

LSC’s occupational health care services are provided by HELTTI. We want to offer high-quality and empathetic health care.

Contact details:
+358 20 1470 770