We care about the environment and people

LSC’s corporate responsibility approach is based on the sustainable business principles defined by the United Nations. We aim for a better working environment and the continuous reduction of our carbon footprint.

LSC & Responsibility

Niam, the property investment company that owns LSC, is committed to responsible business and environmentally considerate property investments. That is why, at LSC, we track energy and water consumption, monitor emissions, use LED lighting in shared spaces, recycle and sort waste, want to know the source of restaurant food, and encourage people to cycle to work, use the stairs and otherwise maximise their physical activity, as well as to use public transport.

Our corporate responsibility approach is based on the sustainable business principles defined by the United Nations, to which we are committed at all levels of our operations. Although Niam is a profit-making property investment fund, we never seek to maximise our profits at the expense of the environment or employee wellbeing.

To us, responsibility means taking into consideration not just sustainability, ecology and environmental considerations but also social responsibility. We want to be the world’s best workplace for our own employees and offer prime working conditions for all our tenants.

BREEAM – Environmental Certificate

LSC holds a BREEAM environmental certificate. The Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is among Europe’s most trusted environmental certificates and an excellent tool for maintaining sustainability and tracking energy consumption. BREEAM helps us to monitor our environmental goals, plan and steer new construction and verify the results of various sustainability projects.

Niam Green & Enerkey

Niam’s Green environmental initiative and the EnerKey consumption tracking system allow us to monitor and significantly reduce energy consumption in our properties. Niam Green is Niam’s corporate initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the properties we own and the carbon footprint of our operations. EnerKey is an advanced software system that we use to track and analyse consumption at LSC. EnerKey helps us to be even more ecological, even preventively.

The purpose of all this is to reduce LSC’s carbon footprint to as small as possible. We are not yet there, but we are making continuous efforts to reach our goal.

We believe that a responsible business is also the most profitable business.

Examples of LSC’s acts of responsibility